Dwarf Car Nationals Night One

Dwarf Car Nationals Night One

Record Car Count at Night One of Dwarf Car Nationals

Over 130 competitors competed during night one of the 25th Annual WSDCA Dwarf Car Nationals at Marysville Raceway on Friday night.  Led by 49 Pro Divisions entries, a record number of Dwarf Car entered the weekends event.  The previous car count record is said to be 110.  Tonight, we hit the 123 mark.  Add in nine of the Crate Sprint Cars to give us the 132 total race cars for night one.  A staggering 41 Veteran drivers and 33 Sportsman added to the mix.

This weekends event is also in dedication to Mel and Marlyn Hall who helped organize the Dwarf Car Nationals some 25 years ago.  Mel died in 1999 and Marlyn this past month.

First off, a championship was decided in the Crate Sprints.  It was the fifth race of the season for the Crate Sprints.  Brett Youngman came into the race with a slight lead over David Sims.  Youngman was going for his second straight title.  Sims won the eight-lap heat race.  Youngman and Sims started on the front row of the main event.  Youngman was able to grab the early lead and go on to dominate the race.  In fact, after the 20th lap was complete, Youngman had amassed a 6.874 second lead over second place Keagan Medeiros.  Drake Standley was third.  Sims came home fourth.  Dusty Barton rounded out the top five.  Youngman was crowned the champion for the second straight season.

The 20-lap Pro Division main event was the best race of the night.  The battle between Ben Haney and Darren Brown was second to none.  Haney had led a decent amount of the race but near the end is when Brown rose to the top.  Brown took the lead on lap 15 and held off Haney for the win.  As always, Ryan Winter ran a solid race to finish third.  The top ten would be locked into tomorrows show.  Following the top three were Mike Grenert, Joe Frock, Camden Robustelli, Shawn Jones, Dennis Liebig, Brandon Wiley and Danny Wagner.

The Veteran Division feature was just as good.  Casey Hofer jumped out to the early lead.  On lap eight, fifth place starting Kevin Bender took the top spot.  Bender held the lead until when Kevin Miraglio dove to inside and found the room to make the pass.  Bender ended up third as Hofer snuck by also.  Miraglio led the final two laps and got the win.  Ronnie Williams finished fourth.  Fifth on back was led by Tim Fitzpatrick, Scott Dahlgren, Stacy Woods, Jack Haverty, Richie Abbott, and Dan Geil.  All ten are locked into tomorrows show.

The 20-lap Sportsman feature got cut to 13-laps after 30 minutes had passed.  Numerous yellow flag laps slowed the event to a crawl.  Picking up the win was Tip Holcombe.  Tip has now won three in a row Western States events.  Brandon Shaw led six laps tonight and finished second.  Chance Russell, Ellie Russo, and Tanner Curr finished in the top five.  Sixth through 10th locked themselves into the show tomorrow and included Mack Aceves, Joey Lingron, Dave Brune, Casey Warren, and Kobe Kerns.

For full results please visit https://speedhive.mylaps.com/Events/1810899