Monster Trucks Indoors in Salem, OR

Monster Trucks Indoors in Salem, OR

Monster Trucks Indoors in Salem

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(Salem, OR 11/9/21)   Leftover over turkey may be the main course for Oregon residents the Saturday after Thanksgiving, but Megasauras the behemoth car eating dinosaur will dine on a delicious Chevrolet inside the Oregon State Fairgrounds Pavilion twice on Saturday November 27.


The 46,000 pound robotic dinosaur called Megasaurus will join a strong line up of monster trucks and specialty vehicles.  The fire belching, car chomping transformer has been wowing crowds at monster-truck shows and fairs across America. Shows will be held at 2:00 PM in the afternoon and 7:30 PM in the evening.

The non-stop thrills will feature monster trucks from Straight Up Racing. Headlining the group will be Rockstar which recently underwent a major upgrade including a new high-powered aluminum engine package and chassis overhaul. Joining the lineup will be Identity Theft, Spitfire, Power-House and more.  All with supercharged engines producing instant power culminating in wheel stands and high-speed jumps.


The Megasaurus is modeled after a Tyrannasaurus rex and has hydraulically activated arms, grasping claws

and jaws, as well as flame throwers set up in the head to give the effect of breathing fire from the mouth.

That coupled with eyes the project ominous red flashes give the flashback to 65 million years ago when

dinosaurs roamed the earth.  The entire critter has a chassis from a Sherman tank.  The

robot is 30 foot tall and can eat all four doors off the average car before taking a bite out of the center leaving

it in shambles on the ground.


A FREE pit party will start out each event where fans will be part of the up close and personal pre-show activities.  Photo opportunities are quite popular with Children, but just the experience of standing next to these giants is worth the trip. In addition rides are available on a real monster truck before, at intermission, and after the show.  The pit party begins at 12:30 at the matinee and 6 for the evening show.


Advance tickets are currently on sale through Matinee or afternoon tickets are discounted to $16 (16+) for adults, $12 (12-15) for juniors, and $6 (3-11) for kids. Two and under are free.

Evening presale is $20 for adults, $16 for juniors, and $8 for kids. Tickets will also be sold at the gate both shows.  Information may also be obtained by calling 530-350-7275.