Taxi Cab Challenge October 17th

Taxi Cab Challenge October 17th

Gold Fever Taxi Cab Challenge October 17th

(Marysville, CA 10/5/20)…With generous support from local die hard race enthusiasts, the Gold Fever Taxi Cab Challenge, scheduled for October 17th, has been given the green flag.  This longstanding popular event features five different divisions of door slamming, in your face, grass roots racing.  It took the combined efforts of track business manager Dennis Gage and numerous sponsors to make this race a reality.  “I want to thank everyone who stepped up and helped ensure this annual event,” said Gage.

The five divisions scheduled includes Limited Late Models, Hobby Stocks, Street Stocks, Pure Stocks and Super Stocks.  “If it has a fender on it, we want to see it on our track,” said Gage.  Marysville Raceway continues to provide a safe and entertaining product for the local fans and race teams.  A large car count is expected for the Taxi Cab Challenge featuring some of the best West Coast drivers.

REMINDER TEAMS: The Super Stocks will run the Tri State Pro Stock rules at Taxi Cab.  All the
classes will follow a track or series rule, so it really isn’t an open

The Raceway has been given permission to allow the first 100 fans into the main grandstands on these nights.  The front gate will open at 6 PM.  Once the 100-person quota has been filled, the Raceway will stop allowing more fans in.  No in and out privileges will be allowed.

Adult tickets are $17, Junior and Senior $14 and kids $6 for Saturday nights race.  Fans are encouraged to wear masks and keep social distance.  The vast grandstands provide plenty of space to spread out.

Pit gate for the competitors will open at the normal time, 3 PM.  Social distancing will be required.

Flo Racing continues to be our official streaming partner of Marysville Raceway.  Without their generous support, we would not have been able to host this event because of the limited access of fans into the main grandstands.  Please visit for more details on how to subscribe to all their racing content.

Novelty booth is restocking the remaining Silver Dollar Speedway and Marysville Raceway merchandise for sale.  It could be your final chance to grab some racetrack swag.

Information is available at the track website at or at 530-350-7275.