Spring Fever Pick-Six $10,000 Bonus Between Chico and Marysville

Spring Fever Pick-Six $10,000 Bonus Between Chico and Marysville

By Troy Hennig

(Chico, CA 1-11-15)… The gauntlet has been set. Promoter Dennis Gage is offering a staggering $10,000 bonus to one driver if that individual can win the first three winged 360 sprint car races Silver Dollar Speedway in Chico and first three at Marysville Raceway the new action track. “We wanted to offer the drivers and fans an early opportunity in the season to take in some great sprint car racing and add a big financial twist to the first few races,” said Gage.

The pick-six races will all pay a minimum of $2,000 to win. Win all six, including the bonus, and walk away with $22,000 in winnings and prize money. The first of the pick-six races will take place at Marysville Raceway on February 28th and is in tribute to Sherm and Loree Toller. On March 6th and 7th the challenge moves to Silver Dollar Speedway as part of the Silver Cup Race of Champions. The Gold Fever Open is slated for March 14th at Marysville. Just six days later on March 20th, the winged 360 sprint car return to Marysville for a special Friday night edition of the California Civil War Series. The sixth and final race takes place back at Chico on Friday night March 27th.

While every racer will be gunning for the $10,000 bonus if that does not happen there is other options. Win five of the six and collect a $6,000 bonus. Win four of the six and receive $3,000. Win three of the six and get a $2,000 bonus.

For more information please contact the track office phone at 530-350-7275.